Sneha Jadi

2020-08-13T04:59:01+05:30July 10th, 2020|


Hi my name is doctor sneha I am. an Ayurvedic graduate currently pursuing Masters in public health in Bangalore from Padmashree school of public health. I want to see myself as an evolved person with good knowledge and skills of public health as a public health professional want to improve Communications and speaker with good command on scientific writing and review of literature skills and my area of interest is nutrition and health informatics. I want to serve people by using medical qualification and experience. My desire is to help them in maintaining their good health and prevent sufferings of any diseases.

I want to practice with experienced health professionals where I can learn many things and seeking a position to start my career in mutual growth and profit where I could get a learning environment. So down the line I want to see myself as an entrepreneur working towards the vision of health promotion and disease prevention with Ayurveda medicine practice I would want to concentrate on the public health issues concerns on population suffering due to nutrition and lifestyle disorders because of lack of daily physical exercise in their lives.

Highest Education: BAMS - Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences

Date of Joining: July 1, 2020