Visiting Faculty

Sristi Sharma is a physician and a healthcare consultant with an expertise in national and international digital healthcare systems. She has a keen interest in improving services to rural populations globally by developing strategies to assess and create efficient and sustainable digital platforms for patients and providers alike.

Sristi has over 5 years of extensive experience in clinical medicine, digital healthcare consulting, health systems and research. After graduating medical school in India she got her Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and her fellowship from Harvard Medical School. Through her work, she has worked with various governments and industry leaders to assess, design and implement customized and efficient healthcare technology models.  As a physician, she has the unique lens of an end user of various digital healthcare platforms which makes the solutions she proposes better adopted by providers and patients alike. She is passionate about healthcare for all people globally, and on her free-time she can be found advocating for it on various media platforms.

Highest Education: MD - John Hopkins University