My name is Sujanti Devi. I am a housewife. Currently I am working as a CAHD intern at FHTS where I am working for RISE Initiative under CAHD. I came to know about FHTS through Shivani, who is also working in CAHD with me. She told me that as I know how to do stitching well; here I can explore more of it. I can here polish my skill and can learn and make new designs. I decided to work here because as I am a housewife all the members of my family go to work and I used to be at home alone. So by coming here I am doing some productive work and now I have a routine to follow which has made me punctual and taught me importance of time management.

I want to fulfill the wishes of my children and want to support them. Here I get a very a chance to learn more things as well from my other team members and I am happy I got this opportunity. I am thankful to FHTS and the founder Dr. Ashish Joshi for doing so much for deprived women who doesn’t get enough opportunities to utilize their talent. I will always acknowledge this. Everyone here works as a team and are very cooperative and helpful to each other. Thanks FHTS and sir for empowering women and helping us by giving a chance to grow.