I am Dr. Sultana Mehnush Ali. I have done my graduation with a bachelor of dental surgery. Currently, I am pursuing my master’s in public health from Amity University, Haryana. I am very inspired and interested in the field of research, I feel FHTS is the best opportunity for me to learn and skill up my knowledge in the Public Health Research

Highest Education: BDS - RUHS, Jaipur

Date of Joining: March 1, 2022


Since I am in the 4th semester of my graduation my short time goal in the next 1 year is to work in a public health field and get associated with some good organization and improve my skills and experiences as much as I can. I want to explore and discover my area of interest in Public Health in a broader spectrum under proper guidance and expertise and picture myself growing to the position I will be working on. Since childhood, I have always wanted to become a doctor but after being graduated as a dental surgeon, I realized that working on a community level of health awareness and protecting and improving the health of entire populations is much more than serving people on an individual level. To tackle the challenging issues that affect communities, work with people across sectors, and educate the public about best health care practices is all I want to do now. In addition, I consider myself as having developed the virtues of perseverance and patience, as well as being financially independent, and as having improved my general career skills as well as my entire personality in the coming 1 year.
In the coming 3 years, I am positive that the years will be productive for me. Working in an esteemed organization with a positive work environment will be an achievement. Keeping this habit in mind, I want to add some bigger targets. I want to perform what is expected of me. I will be working hard and also see myself as a knowledgeable professional having in-depth knowledge about the Public Health industry.
Lastly, I want to make the journey fun, build high self-esteem Belief in myself, have confidence, like and feel good about myself of what I will be, take pride in what I do, and focus with a positive attitude.


I am Dr. Sultana Mehnush Ali, currently pursuing my master’s in Public Health from Amity University, Haryana. Its been 1 and a half month since I have been interning with FHTS now. Interning with FHTS was an opportunity for me to learn several things like writing technically, program description, researching topics that were assigned to me. Besides it also helped me with time management, working patiently and individually, soft skills and collaborations. Also FHTS has been very humble and kind throughout the period specially my researcher Kamalpreet Kaur and my coordinator Mansi Gupta. The projects I worked on were quite challenging but also were related to what I wanted to explore. So I also got an opportunity to work on my area of interest. It was a wonderful experience of being a part of FHTS and also looking further to explore more.