Hello, I am Dr. Suravi Lodh. I am a BDS graduate and also a Public Health Professional. I am currently seeking my career in public health research. My interest lies in designing public health interventions that are both sustainable and accessible to people belonging to all sections of the society. I possess the skill of leadership and management.

I also have the ability to contribute both as a team member and individually. Highest Education: MPH, The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. BDS, Kalinga Institute Of Dental Sciences (KIIT University), India. Fun part: I also indulge myself in kathak dance, singing, cooking and writing


Date of Joining: May 18, 2020


I have recently completed my virtual internship in the Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society. It was my first ever virtual internship, which proved to be incredibly amazing. I have acquired the skills of data extraction, organization and management. I have had the experience of working under time constraints and how to contribute as a team member and also as an individual. Under the guidance of Dr. Ashish Joshi I have earned the confidence to present In front of people from various backgrounds, though virtually. Working on the dashboard presenting the latest information on COVID-19, it was a new experience. I hope my little contribution to the foundation helps and am thankful to each person who has guided me throughout this journey of two months.