Surbhi Sandra Bhagirathi

2022-03-15T14:58:19+05:30March 15th, 2022|


I am Dr. Surbhi Sandra Bhagirathi, a Dentist by profession and currently pursuing my Masters’s in Public Health from Amity University, Noida. Being a part of an effective public health system is my dream, as I want to respond to the health needs of the population and contribute through health advocacy and research skills.

Highest Education: BDS - Deendayal Upadhyay Gorakhpur University

Date of Joining: February 1, 2022


As I realized how important preventive health is, I ventured into the field of public health to create an impact on thousands of lives. I am passionate about increasing awareness in communities about the importance of nutrition and related illnesses and also utilize my clinical skills in the treatment and prevention of dental problems.
In the next year, I see myself acquiring the skills required to get my career started in the field of public health. I wish to gain more experience, develop a strong work ethic and improve my analytical and writing skillset and learn new methodologies that will strengthen my foundation and will help me in my future endeavors in Public health. As of now, my short term goal is to get a job that compliments my expertise and helps me widen my horizons with exciting learning opportunities in the next couple of months
In the next three years, I see myself as a public health professional and educator working in the government sector and with NGOs, especially in rural areas. I also wish to pursue Ph.D. in my desired area of interest and utilize my knowledge for the well-being of the community. I am open to new opportunities that come my way during my journey and learn as I grow in my career
I believe that FHTS will help me achieve my goals. I am ready to embrace all the obstacles that come in my way and serve society in the best possible way I can.