My name is Tanvi Atri. I’ve done my graduation in Philosophy Hons and am currently pursuing a Diploma in HIV and Family Planning from IGNOU. I’m also interning with ATTAC (Aim to terminate Tobacco and Cancer). I want to explore my interest in Public Health and Healthcare Technologies,p. I’m looking forward to this internship.

Highest Education: BA(H) Philosophy - University of Delhi

Date of Joining: November 1, 2021


In the next one year, I see myself pursuing my Masters's in Public Health from a renowned college and acquiring the skills required to get my career started in this field of public health. I wish to gain experience and improve my skill set. For the past few months, I’m already volunteering with an NGO working towards Cancer and tobacco control but a degree in the relevant field will surely help to gain knowledge and open doors for me to make a significant impact in society.

In the next three years, I see myself as a public health professional working in the government sector especially in the rural area, and helping to create awareness in the field of cancer. Recently there has been an epidemiological shift from Non-communicable to Communicable diseases as they pose a much higher risk therefore I really want to work towards the related spectrum. I strongly believe there is a huge gap between what is being delivered and what is required by the community. Also, the COVID-19 crisis in the last two years has highlighted these gaps more significantly. I also wish to pursue my Ph.D. in the related field so that later I can go into the research side which is my long-term goal. I’m open to new opportunities that come my way during my journey and learn as I grow in my career. I hope to make a small niche for myself in this field as I’ve been really interested in Public health since a very early age.