My name is tanvi Viz. I am pursuing MBA from Chandigarh University. I loved working here but unfortunately, my Summer Internship Program was of 45 days only. I completed my internship in HR profile at FHTS. I was working on the topic ‘Employee Satisfaction’ and on the ‘Benefits for the Employees’. I conducted various surveys and got positive respond from the members.

The employees as well as the Interns working here at FHTS are very efficient and help to create an environment which is healthy and motivating itself. I felt good to work with such an enthusiastic team. In fact, I felt like it’s a blessing to work with Dr. Ashish Joshi the founder of FHTS. I got the opportunity to learn new things. A mentor always acts as a lighting lamp in the dark, so does Ms. Bhavya Malhotra to me. It was an immense pleasure to work here. I felt privileged.