I’m Vaishnavi.T, I’ve completed my Bachelor’s in dental surgery at The Tamilnadu Dr. Mgr Medical University in Chennai. Currently, I’m practicing dentistry in one of the renowned hospitals in the city. I’m so keen to understand public health science, however, the more time I spent shadowing and working with people in the dentistry field, less I believed a career as a dentist was right for me. In this internship, I would get the right opportunity to gain experience in areas where my interests lie.

Highest Education: BDS - Madha Dental College & Hospital

Date of Joining: April 4, 2022


During my undergraduate years, it was quite difficult for me to foresee what was coming. I had set up simple goals which I know I could achieve. In the upcoming years, I want to test myself and set up targets that can bring the best out of me. In the next year, I would like to recognize as a professional who is an expert in the public health sector. This internship will for sure provide me with a golden opportunity to get placed in one of the renowned universities to pursue my master’s degree. Since I have already one year of clinical experience in dealing with common people’s oral health status. Now, I am keen to understand the difficulties faced by communities in terms of health, environment, and also by society. Besides, to learn the interventional strategies and technological aspects to improve and achieve the health of commoners.
Hopefully, in the next three years, I see myself in one of the leading positions in research and development. To make this a reality, I have to gain knowledge to improvise in leadership qualities and critical thinking, and I am sure this path can help me achieve the target. I am certain that the coming year will be productive and interning in an esteemed organization with a positive approach can be rewarding. I can picture myself growing to the position I have desired and I feel the values of this organization can be advantageous to my career. In return, I see myself utilizing my knowledge to yield better outcomes. The three years ahead guide me and would take me to a target where I can cherish the achievement along the road