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FHTS DIT PhD Program

Joint collaborative initiative of Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society and DIT University

Population Health Informatics addresses the growing opportunity to use technology to implement evidence-based solutions for the improvement of population health outcomes. Directed under the vision of National and International experts, the program offers the opportunity to participate in innovative technology enabled interventions and innovations to enable data driven, evidence based policy making using data, information and knowledge (DIK) framework.  The program offers unique opportunity to students seeking excellence and commitment towards enhancing population health outcomes through use of multifaceted technology enabled interventions to enhance well-being of individuals, families and the communities they live in.

Application of Population Health Informatics

Fundamental of Environmental Health Sciences

Introduction to Consumer Health Informatics

Introduction to Population Health Informatics

Mixed Methods Research

Operations Research/ Mixed Methods/ Research Methodology

Principles of Demography

Principles of Population Health: Theory and Methods

Research Ethics

Statistical Analysis of Healthcare Data