National nutrition week 2019

What is National Nutrition Week?    National Nutrition Week is an annual nutrition event observed throughout the country during the first week of September (i.e. from 1st September till 7th September). It was launched in 1982 [...]

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World Breastfeeding Week: Foundation of Life 2018

1st of Aug to 7th of Aug is celebrated as World Breastfeeding Week every year. Now World Breastfeeding Week is well and truly on the way. The first week of August is dedicated to raise [...]

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July 11th is celebrated as World Population Day. In 1989 Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme has introduced 11th July as World Population Day. The United Nations recognises World Population day as an important [...]

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Understanding the Dense Layer of air over the City

“Delhi’s air quality is equivalent to smoking 50 cigarettes a day “Delhi is most polluted city,according to World Health Organization" Delhi ‘s air quality has shooted reached 999 “Delhi has become gas chamber" “Delhi has [...]

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Contribution of E-Loan in Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment is a way ahead of smoking cigarettes and talking feminist. Today every country has strategized different policies and schemes to achieve the sustainable development goal 5 “Achieve gender equality and empower all women [...]

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Myths and Misconceptions about Menstruation

Menstruation is associated with various myths and misconceptions leading to lack of awareness among adolescent girls and women. Insufficient menstrual hygiene practices are cause of stress associated with menstruation and reproductive tract infections. In some [...]

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