Abhishesh Lal

2020-10-08T14:48:04+05:30September 5th, 2020|


Enthusiastic Public Health worker with vast medical social work background. Professional who has worked with cases involving both children and elderly persons. Exhibits sound judgment in difficult and high-stress situations. Extensive knowledge of community resources in the medical area. Working experience in the general clinical field, masters project on women’s health. Post MPH worked in Infertility Research, Hospital Establishment in Rural, and most current research work in Vertigo and Balance disorders in Jaipur. M.B.B.S (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China), 2013.

Highest Education: MPH - Queensland University of Technology

Date of Joining: August 24, 2020


One year sketch: It is quite a daunting task of postulating where I see myself in the next one year as considering it’s a short time period and keeping in mind the long term plans as well. From that viewpoint, the idea is to improve my professional skills and reinforce my unyielding aptitude towards my work. Establishing a concrete base is the key to any future success; the optimum scenario would be working at a place where public outreach and/or research is the main objective. In particular evidence based research which helps towards the community outlook. Partitioning the one year period into 12 segments, the objective will be to take it one month at a time, all the time contemplating the goal will be achieved at the end of the one year period. The main aim of seeing myself at the end of 1 year is working at NGO, INGO, or related work places (research driven) where I can contribute to the society.

Three year outlook: Progressing and developing oneself for the 3 years is slightly more challenging which I am looking forward to and am also determined to stick to my ambitions while managing my surroundings. Advancing on from my base position, the continuation would be in the research field, with more responsibilities, accepting new challenges and working towards the further improvement of working place. 3 years down the road it would be preferable to have a stable income job. I will be putting in the continuous effort to keep myself updated and keep honing my professional skills as well trying to learn new ones. The job should be in line which enables me to stay in touch with people of the community and thriving on the positive outcome out of the work being done. Through my degree in Public health and M.B.B.S, I have discovered a passion for the combining medicine and community health and finding practical solutions to the legit and actual problems. I hope to continue doing so further down the road.


The one month internship with the staff of FHTS under the guidance of Dr. Joshi has been of great help towards understanding the Covid-19 pandemic, its effects on people, policies and how the respective governments have fared against them. This internship allowed me to get a better grip on data analysing and understanding the trends that came with this pandemic. Looking forward to working with them in future if provided a chance.