I, Achal Kudtarkar, am a motivated and dedicated MPH student at K S Hegde Medical Academy, NITTE (DU), Deralakatte Mangalore. I completed my graduation in BSc. Anaesthesia Technology and having worked in OT and critical care settings developed a passion for improving population health and addressing health disparities. Proactive and effective communicator, seeking opportunities to advance myself in the field of research contributing to meaningful public health initiatives and make a positive impact on communities.

Highest Education: B Sc. - Goa University

Date of Joining: August 1, 2023

Date Of Completion: September 30, 2023


1. Research and Project Management Skills: I aim to gain practical experience in carrying out research projects, analysing data, and presenting results. By actively participating in ongoing research projects at FHTS, I will develop essential research and project management skills, including data collection, analysis, and interpretation.

2.Communication and Writing Skills: Effective communication is crucial in public health to convey research findings and promote health initiatives. During my internship, I will work on improving my communication, articulatory writing, and expression skills through regular presentations, writing reports, and collaborating with team members.

3.Professional Networking: Building a professional network is vital for a successful career in public health. I plan to engage with professionals, researchers, and experts in the field through conferences, seminars, and networking events. This will provide me with valuable insights and potential opportunities for future collaborations.

4.Field Exposure and Data Analytics: To understand real-world public health challenges, I intend to seek field exposure during my internship. This will give me hands-on experience in implementing health interventions and understanding community needs. Additionally, I will focus on improving my data analytics skills, as data-driven decision-making is integral to public health research and practice.

5.Long-term Goal - Pursuing a Ph.D. and Working in Reputed Organizations Nationally and Globally: My ultimate aspiration is to pursue a Ph.D. in a related public health field to strengthen my knowledge and research expertise. Simultaneously, I aim to secure opportunities to work in reputed national and international organizations such as WHO and UNICEF. To achieve this long-term goal, I will prepare myself during my internship by learning advanced skills, gaining research experience, and collaborating with experts. By the end of my internship, I aim to have a clear roadmap for my future journey as Public Health Professional and be well-equipped to make a positive impact on the human health system through research.

Throughout my internship, I will stay committed to the vision of working on preventive measures for lifestyle diseases, reducing the burden of NCDs and chronic illnesses, and promoting digital healthcare for underserved populations. By achieving these goals, I hope to make significant contributions to public health and work towards a healthier and more equitable society.