Aniruddha De

2020-07-07T18:38:23+05:30June 3rd, 2020|


I, Aniruddha De worked as an engineer for about 3 years. Due to my father being in Ministry of External Affairs, I had the opportunity to travel and stay across different nations so I always sub consciously aware of the social issues in India, which needed huge area of improvement such as health, education, livelihood etc. Hence after working as an engineer, I am now currently pursuing Masters in Public Health from TISS Mumbai.

There are a lot of issues in the health sector which needs to be worked upon and its most pertinent sector which will never cease to exist and that is what made me embark upon a new journey, which will hopefully directly or indirectly make a small difference towards improving people’s lives.

Highest Education: B-TECH - NIT DURGAPUR(DEEMED)

Date of Joining: June 1, 2020


I would like to thank FHTS in providing me this opportunity to further sharpen and enhance my knowledge on health care systems. This virtual internship developed my presentation skills especially presenting it in a concise and compact way. It enhanced my analytical skills through interpretation of data via SMAART RAPIDTRACKER. It has bettered my writing skills through blogs.

I would certainly recommend FHTS virtual internship to my colleagues.