Avantika Pandey

2020-08-06T21:59:58+05:30June 5th, 2020|


I am Avantika Pandey, currently pursuing master’s in public health (MPH) from G D Goenka university Gurgaon Haryana. I want to work in a professional work driven environment where I can utilize and apply my knowledge, skills which would enable me as a fresher graduate while fulfilling organizational goals.

Highest Education: Bachelor's in science (zoology, botany, chemistry) - DDU Gorakhpur University(UP)

Date of Joining: June 1, 2020


I am Avantika Pandey, currently pursuing master's in Public Health from G D Goenka University Gurgaon and have just completed my 2 month of virtual internship program with FHTS. It has been a great learning experience for me, this internship has improvised my verbal skill, writing skill and professional skill as well. In the end of this internship I just want thank the entire team of FHTS for providing me such a motivational and supportive environment to show and enhance my skills.
I would like to give special gratitude to Dr. Aashish Joshi for always motivating us and to provide me such great platform to intern with.