Ifra Yusuf

2020-07-28T07:58:25+05:30June 9th, 2020|


I’m Ifra Yusuf, currently pursuing Masters in Food and Nutrition with specialization in Clinical Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. I’m a highly organized and hard-working individual looking for an opportunity which utilizes my skills and provides a practical experience.

I have joined this internship as it will enable the application of my education and help me in my career exploration. It will increase my knowledge on technology-based research which tends to prove really beneficial for me in my near future.

Highest Education: BSc. (Hons.) HOME SCIENCE - DELHI UNIVERSITY

Date of Joining: June 8, 2020


I carried out my internship with Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society.
The host organization was really welcoming and professional at the same time. I learnt a lot from my supervisor Dr. Ashish Joshi. All the FHTS team members were friendly and always there to support and guide me whenever I needed help.
I would say the internship was very rewarding and had a positive impact on my life, in terms of working experience and acquisition of new valuable skills. I totally recommend this internship to future students as it is tremendously educational both from the professional and human standpoints. I would love to work with FHTS in future.