I Janhvi Sahai, completed my Masters in Home Science with a specialization in Foods & Nutrition from Banaras Hindu University. I am a dedicated and aspiring public health enthusiast, driven by a profound interest in promoting community well-being. My strong communication skills, coupled with a passion for research and health equity, empower me to contribute effectively to the team’s efforts in creating lasting positive impacts on public health.

The chance to undertake an internship with the Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society (FHTS) is highly attractive because of its significant influence on the public healthcare domain. FHTS’s commitment to enhancing healthcare perfectly corresponds with my professional ambitions. The organization’s goal of creating innovations that improve public health and optimize healthcare procedures strikes a chord with me. Overall, the opportunity to combine my passion for healthcare in a meaningful way drives my enthusiasm to intern at FHTS.

Highest Education: BSc. - Banaras Hindu University

Date of Joining: August 16, 2023

Date Of Completion: November 16, 2023


Assist in the planning and execution of public health programs, workshops, or campaigns. Aim to understand the logistical challenges involved in translating public health strategies into practical interventions that reach and benefit the target populations.

Engage with local communities to understand their health needs and barriers.

Improve ability to convey complex health information to diverse audiences. Participate in effective health communication materials, such as brochures, presentations, or social media content.

Build a professional network within the public health field by actively engaging with supervisors, colleagues, and experts. Attend relevant seminars, workshops, or conferences to foster connections that can provide insights and potential future opportunities.

Develop strong teamwork and collaboration skills by actively participating in interdisciplinary projects. Contribute unique perspective while learning from colleagues with different backgrounds and expertise.

Embrace challenges as opportunities to develop innovative solutions. Work on identifying barriers to public health initiatives and brainstorm strategies to overcome them, showcasing my adaptability and critical thinking skills.