My name is Jyoti. In my family there are 7 members – me, my mother, my father, two sisters and two brothers. I am studying in 10th Standard through Open schooling. Currently I am working as a Creative Intern at FHTS where I am working for creativity under RISE initiative. I came to know about through one of my friend who is also working in the Creative Corner with me. She told me that here i can polish my creative skills and as I enjoy stitching so here i can try out new ways to make bags, pouches and what not.

I like making Paintings and Stitching. Here I came to learn new things and explore myself and also enhance my skills. I like Watching TV and Listening to Music. I want to stand on my own and become successful. I want to make my parents proud. I am very young but I am ready to learn new things and become a better person. I am grateful to FHTS and the founder Dr. Ashish Joshi for giving me a chance and letting me enhance my inner skills. Thanks FHTS and especially sir for working for the empowerment of the women.