Kanchan Singh

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I am Dr Kanchan Singh, currently pursuing PGDM (executive) -HEALTH PROMOTION from NIHFW, Delhi. Started my career as a Dental Surgeon I found myself inclined towards the preventive aspect of the Treatment & proactive approach.
Furthermore, working as a Health Project Manager (Hygeia Healthcare) as well as conducting Health Education workshops for School Health Programmes, motivated me to pursue & explore the field of public health & health promotion.
I believe an internship at FHTS would provide me with the exposure required to develop skills & enhance knowledge as well as build a foundation in Research, Healthcare technology and other domains of Public Health and would allow me to explore opportunities under the same.

Highest Education: BDS - HP Govt Dental College & Hospital Shimla -HP

Date of Joining: August 24, 2020


I am Dr Kanchan Singh , currently pursuing my PGDM – Health Promotion from NIHFW, Delhi . I completed my BDS from GOVT DENTAL COLLEGE , SHIMLA. I have recently joined as an INSPIRE intern at FHTS , Delhi . I believe the field of public health and healthcare in general is constantly evolving in response to the needs of communities and population around the world and outbreak of Pandemic – Covid 19 has further emphasized on the importance of public health across globe . The underlying mission of public health i.e. to improve the condition & behavior that affects the health of people , has motivated me to pursue & explore the field of Public health .

With this Aim , a year from now , I aspire to gain knowledge , skills & experience in the field of public health & its domains so as to develop a foundation in practical approach to deal with different issues and challenges associated with them . While conducting Health education workshops for adolescents groups at school level I came across various challenges where I realized a lacunae of practical approach . Providing information about the issue is pivotal but to bring a behavior change based on that or motivation to sustain a behavior change at individual or community level needs more pragmatic approach and should be specific & customized as per needs . So ,I would like to improve & work on this approach for about a year or so .. till I gain experience & skills to develop strategies based on need assessment to address such issues . Furthermore , I believe this virtual internship program would provide me the exposure required to understand the various aspects of practical approach .(One such approach I get familiar with ,while making ppt, is -Smaart rapid traker.)

As far as 3 years from now is concerned , I would like to see myself pursuing a career in Public health . I believe expert guidance , mentorship & teamwork is pivotal for ones growth in public health . So ,3 yrs from now I aspire to develop a network with like minded people & under good mentorship would like to explore various opportunities . I have a keen interest in adolescents health issues as i believe behavior adopted during adolescence continues into adult life too, so right intervention at right age would work wonders . So ,3- 4 yrs from now , I would like to see myself associated with Health programs like – National school health programmed , or adolescent reproductive & sexual health (ARSH). Or any such programs at national or state level or else I would probably be associated with health programs at individual – organizational level. As a long term goal, I would like to practice public health , research health issues & educate people on health issues , as an effort to bring a change & improve health of people – Regionally , Nationally & globally.