Public Health Researcher

Dr Mansi Gauniyal has a PhD in Anthropology from University of Delhi with specialization in Human
Population Genetics. She has experience in conducting genetic studies of tribal populations by using
serological and DNA markers. She is skilled in molecular genetic techniques. Her core expertise lies in
using genetic techniques to find out genetic admixture in the gene pool of migrated tribal populations
and genetic associations among the tribals and the non-tribal populations.
Earlier She has worked as a Scientist for National AIDS Research, Pune and Madras Diabetes Research
Foundation, Chennai; and have experience of handling multi-national projects in the field of
epidemiology. Her work experience has been primarily in the field of public health with HIV/AIDS and
Gestational diabetes as focus areas.
Here at FHTS, she aims to broaden her horizons in the field of Public Health research by using
organization’s vision and SMAART approach, which mainly aim to conduct evidence based public health
research resulting in an overall well-being of the individuals, their families and the communities they

Highest Education: PhD in Anthropology - University of Delhi

Date of Joining: June 2, 2023