A dentist by profession, but a public health worker and aspirant from my soul – I am Dr. Meghal Rohilla. I have graduated a couple of years ago but after 2020, I started to engage myself in the field of public health. My passion drove me to join many NGOs as an intern and volunteer and gain as much experience in addition to learning. Few of the NGOs that I have worked with include Sewa International and SHARP (School Health Annual Report Programme).

I started writing as a hobby and eventually integrated my interest into my profession and also worked as a writer for an organization QAUSE.

Currently, after gaining certificates from few universities by passing online public health courses, I have joined this V-Inspire internship from FHTS, I wish to gain practical experience as to how to apply my theoretical knowledge practically and gain executive skills.

In the near future, since I will be settling in New Zealand, I plan to pursue Masters in Public Health and either become an epidemiologist or get into the child care profession.

Highest Education: BDS - NIMS University

Date of Joining: November 15, 2022

Date Of Completion: May 15, 2023


Belonging from the medical background, I believe that for holistic growth and development of any country, one of the prime areas to focus on is the healthcare system. ‘Health For All ‘is a mission and vision that is believed and followed to in public health. I have graduated as a dentist, but as time proceeded, covid knocked at everyone’s doors and quite a few dynamics changed, I desired to expand my profession and not just be confined to the oral cavity, but overall health of the population. I believe that if doctors are the front-line workers and act as an army for the benefit of the people, public health simulates as a fuel and support without which the efficiency of the doctors wouldn’t increase at a good pace.

Therefore, I want to learn the basics of public health, understand the functioning of public health systems by going into its depth so eventually I can contribute in the healthcare system.

I will be shifting and settling in Auckland in a few months along with my husband. Therefore, in the next one year, I see myself growing everyday professionally and even personally. In the coming one year, I want to take this internship as an opportunity to gain knowledge about public health systems, its functioning and most importantly learn how to execute that knowledge in the practical world. Since I will be shifting to a different culture, I also aim to understand the culture, environment and people of a new area so that it will be easier for me to practice my profession there. Simultaneously, I wish to complete few online certified courses in subjects of public health, which include epidemiology and biostatistics to name a few.

My primary interest in public health lies in epidemiology. Eventually after three years, I see myself completing my masters in public health and specialising in epidemiology in Auckland, New Zealand and getting a job in a similar field. As an alternate career option, I am flexible and open to pursue child care as a profession to take up.