A detail-oriented and passionate healthcare professional, with a bachelor’s in dental surgery from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka. As an Associate Dentist, I have always aspired to provide the best treatment to my patients and create an overall oral hygiene awareness.

I wish to pursue a Master’s in Public Health to acquire quantitative skills and apply in healthcare research.

Highest Education: BDS - Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences

Date of Joining: July 11, 2022


In the next one year I see myself pursuing Master’s in Public Health in the United States. Since my undergraduate days, I have always been interested in research. My inquisitive nature has always made me delve deeper into subjects and get an answer to every single question that arises in my mind. As the world was dealing with pandemic, I realised how important it is for a country to have skilled public health professionals at the forefront, to understand about the disease trends and take necessary precautions to avoid the spread of deadly diseases.

In the coming year, I see myself taking the first step towards achieving this goal. My career interest particularly lies in the field of epidemiology, which forms the foundation of public health. Epidemiology has grown dramatically in scope and importance in recent decades. I envision myself developing requisite skills of an epidemiologist which would enable me to get answers that would form the basis for developing policies to protect and improve the health of my fellow countrymen.

In the next three years, I see myself as a public health researcher and clinical data analyst in India. I wish to utilize my skills to measure how social, behaviour, and genetic factors relate to a wide range of reproductive, perinatal and paediatric outcomes, as well as conditions that accompany the aging process. As a public health researcher, I would be responsible for conducting surveys and analysing data and lab results in order to gain a better perspective of a population’s health. I wish to see myself playing a key role in emergency preparedness and response, which would help in improving the overall public health conditions in India.