Niyati oli

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My name is Niyati Oli. I have completed my B. Tech in Biotechnology from Amity University, Noida. Currently, I am pursuing an MBA in Health and Hospital management from IIHMR, Jaipur. I am an ambitious, driven, enthusiastic, and results-oriented person. I enjoy venturing beyond borders and thinking outside the box. With this career path, I intend to secure a responsible position in a reputable healthcare organization. Where I can utilize my training and skills to help the organization reach its maximum potential. This career path will not only give me job satisfaction, but it will also help me give my best for the betterment of our society.

Highest Education: MBA - IIHMR

Date of Joining: August 1, 2021


One year from now, I see myself completing my MBA in health and hospital management equipped with proper training and skills to succeed in a healthcare organization. I hope to discover my interest areas in the comprehensive healthcare domain which also aligns with the demand in the arena of the profession. I wish to complete my dissertation thesis successfully. I also plan on working on my soft and hard skills. Apart from that, I plan to get involved in volunteer opportunities with NGOs. I want to get placed in a top healthcare consultancy firm to learn from a diverse portfolio of client engagements.
In the next three years, I would like to be a consultant and start managing teams. I want to expand my horizons by jumping in the feet first and learning as much as I can, as quickly as I can, with an organization I will work. My goal is to have gained both skills and perspective necessary to contribute to projects in healthcare. I also wish to successfully obtain certifications that are related to my position. I plan to seek opportunities abroad as well. I want to provide guidance, potentially take on a leadership role in the organization.
I wish to evolve with time and experience, learn from my mistakes, bounce back from my failures and make a financially stable and successful rewarding career for myself in healthcare.


My three months internship at FHTS was a really interesting, fruitful experience. I developed practical skills on how to conduct secondary research and write health blogs. The internship was a valuable resource and a great learning experience: it has broadened my understanding of the role of social media and COVID-19 and in general has given me a strong foundation on conducting research and valuable experience for my future career. The work environment is really pleasant, the mentors are always there to assist whenever needed. Overall, I would say the internship was very rewarding and had a positive impact on my life, in terms of working experience and acquisition of new valuable skills.