My name is Pragati. I am pursuing B.A from Kanpur University. Now I am a Research Intern at FHTS where I am working for Creativity Hub under the RISE LAB. I come to know about this organization through one of my family member who is also working nearby this FHTS office at Bhikaji Cama Place, Delhi itself. He told me that I can learn creativity here then I thought of leaving Kanpur and visiting FHTS. I came here with the expectation of learning art by paying fee but actually I felt surprised after office visit because I have never expected that my talent of painting will give me a platform and most surprising is I am also earning because of my talent.

Before FHTS I have never heard about any organization who provide platform to talent. My mother works as a maid servant and do household work at other’s dwelling in Kanpur which I don’t like but I am very younger in age so I have never thought of working and earning in this age. I am greatful to FHTS and the founder Dr. Ashish Joshi who thought of deprived girls and women like me who are full of talent but not having platform. Thanks a million to FHTS and especially to Ashish sir who are working for empowering women by generating employment.