Priya Gupta

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My Name is Priya Gupta. I have done my Graduation in the medical laboratory at the Tata Institute of social sciences. And currently pursuing a Master’s of Public Health from Amity. I have interned in several hospitals in the laboratory and I am well practiced with patient handling and all the laboratory methods. I stay in Pune, Maharashtra.
I aim to work in Public health and Animal welfare and achieving something unexpected. I want to focus more on learning health advocacy and nutrition because that’s what interests me a lot.
I am new to research and so I am trying to be known for its concept. I have been a huge admirer of nature and always make every effort possible to be in nature. Working for protecting our environment and achieving the targets is also one of my aims. India as a healthy happy country is what I dream for and would make every possible thing happen. I believe happy, satisfied, peaceful life is way better than anything!!

Highest Education: BMLT - TISS

Date of Joining: July 5, 2021


In the next one year, I See Myself graduated with a Master’s degree in hand and working tirelessly In one of the research centres, improving and growing dag by day.
I see Myself as an independent, Successful woman. I see Myself working for Women’s safety, women’s health, and nutrition. I want to establish a platform for women in need, and I really want it, to be available for every woman in every corner of the country.
I also see Myself working part time in health development, as I Aim to make our country a healthy country.
In the next three years, I plan to pursue my PhD and continue with my Public health plans making sure it reaches the greater height.
Apart from this, I Aim big, in establishing an Animal welfare organisation. ( Animal’s safety)
I know one thing for sure, plans won’t work unless you get out of your comfort zone and work really hard. Keeping faith in everything you do would surely Help you to achieve big. Dreams do come true if you have the power to make it true!


I joined FHTS to explore Public health challenges, and to enhance my experience in the field of research and innovation and technologies. In this span of one month I learned about the innovations and few technologies and even worked on a small part of a research. This 1 month of internship with FHTS very well utilised with the meaningful outcome.
Thank you FHTS for your constant Guidance & Support.