I am a research enthusiastic dental professional specializing in public health administration. Joining as an INSPIRE intern in FHTS will be my first step towards pursuing my career in public health sector. I belong to central Kerala, the southern most heaven of India. I am MPH Student from Kerala University. I enjoy my free time by engaging in traditional artistic pursuits, travelling and exploring the vast cultural uniqueness of our flora and fauna, reading and writing.

Highest Education: MPH - Kerala University of Health Sciences

Date of Joining: July 3, 2019

Date Of Completion: September 3, 2019

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I belong to central Kerala. I am basically a general dental surgeon (BDS) and currently pursuing my post-graduation in public health (MPH ) at Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS).

On inquiry of doing an internship for the fulfillment of my postgraduate studies, I have gone through the brochures of several organisations, in between that I got unique program carrying out by FHTS. The INSPIRE - interactive novel skills development program involving research and education.

I started my internship with FHTS on July 3rd. While participating in the outreach programmes I received ample opportunities to understand public health in its grassroots level by enormous field visits, urban slums study and also Swasthya Pahal program; a self healthcare management initiative through health informatics. My time as an intern in FHTS had taught me a lot both professionally and personally. I am trying to expand my skill set and strengthen the skill I possessed.

Fhts got a very active and unique team which helps us to evaluate each other by transparent objective criteria. Working with the outreach team was a new challenge for me and resulted in a very gratifying experience. The organization introduced me to an entirely different perspective on public health management.

I thank Dr Ashish Joshi, the founder of FHTS and the entire FHTS team for giving me this opportunity to be a part of inspire team for the future endeavours. I believe that my own goal of diversifying my skills and knowledge will attain because of the organization's confidence in my capacities and also my ability to adapt to new and different situations.

Once again thank you very much for allowing me to do the internship along with your team members.