I am an innovative and committed individual with strong interpersonal skills. My intellectual curiosity in science and medicine makes me a lifelong learner. I achieve a sense of fulfillment by helping others in whichever way I can, and therefore, I am curious to advance my skills in the field of Public Health and pursue a career in the same.

Highest Education: M. Sc - Bharathiar University

Date of Joining: July 17, 2023

Date Of Completion: October 17, 2023


1. Receiving exposure and expanding my knowledge around Public Health diseases, concerns, policies, solutions and so on.

2. Sharpening my research and interactive skills.

3. Learning data analysis.

4. Preparing myself to pursue an MPH degree and networking with like-minded people, whom I can learn from.

5.Exploring the wide nuances of careers and jobs in Public Health to understand which role I will potentially fit in and should aim to work for in the future.