Sarath Kumar Sambandam

2021-09-24T01:23:40+05:30August 17th, 2021|


My name is Sarath Kumar S, live in Chennai. I’ve done a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) in SRM University and currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Health from Amity Institute of Public Health, Amity University, Noida. My major interests in the field of public health include Epidemiology in Communicable and Non-communicable diseases, Public Health Advocacy, and Clinical research. I aspire to work as a clinical epidemiologist. I also have an interest in the field of mental health.

Highest Education: Bachelor Of Physiotherpapy - SRM University

Date of Joining: July 10, 2021


The one month INSPIRE internship in FHTS has been filled with learning and insights into how practical aspects of public health work. I have learnt Data analysis, policy making skills and knowledge about Covid-19 SMAART Rapid Tracker as well as had an opportunity to engage with Dr. Ashish Joshi, a discussion which has prepared me for my future endeavour to build a public health career.
I am gratitude for FHTS for this great opportunity to gain a knowledge and experience in the field of Public Health. I would recommend all the public health professionals to be a part of FHTS where learning is through your incentives and ideas.