Sneha Kumari

2020-07-10T16:38:28+05:30June 1st, 2020|


“My name is Sneha Kumari and I am from Delhi, India. I am currently pursuing my master’s in public health from Manipal University, India. I am a dental surgeon by profession and have had 2 years of experience of clinical practice in dentistry.
I come from a close knit family of five and I am the middle child which makes me a good mediator and a peacemaker. I definitely believe these are some of my few strength which enables me to work successfully in a team. While I can be a leader when necessary I can also play an equal role on the team when the situation demands.

Growing up, my parents always talked to me about how important it was that we all do that little extra bit. In a world where people are so busy with their lives, I think it’s important to take the time to think about what my role will be and what I leave behind for the future.This was always on the back of my mind even when I was a student or when I was working as a clinician. During this time I had the opportunity to meet people from different walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds which made me realise that health was subjective and awareness was limited. I think health is so basic, it is unfortunate and sad that even though people these days are trying really hard, we are coming up short.

Enrolling for Public Health has helped me orient my career in contributing to a bigger issue than just poor dental health. This is my attempt to help identify and work on health and health inequalities, spanning from the individual to the macro level. “

Highest Education: B.D.S - I.T.S Dental college, Ghaziabad

Date of Joining: June 1, 2020


I was a part of the virtual internship program at FHTS from 1st June 2020 till 30th June 2020. During this internship I learnt about health systems of various countries. I also learnt how various countries are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and what policies and advisories are being introduced and implemented with respect to it.

The FHTS team is extremely supportive and encouraging. With their great work ethics and mentorship I have learnt a lot in this one month.