Public Health Trainee

I am a recent post-graduate in Public Health from Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. I also hold a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree from PDUNIPPD affiliated with Delhi University. In pursuing a degree in public health, I was looking for new techniques and skills that would contribute to improving the healthcare system as well as to gaining knowledge and experience in the healthcare field. I have a keen interest in qualitative research and evidence-based practice methodology.
In enrolling for this internship, my main objective is to enhance my critical thinking skills, analyze and develop workable strategies to address existing complex health problems, create awareness of NCDs, rehabilitation programs for Chronic Health and Lifestyle-related diseases, and work towards generating various health promotion strategies.

Highest Education: MPH - Northumbria University

Date of Joining: February 1, 2022


After completing masters in Public health from Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 2021, I was interested in gaining experience in the public health sector. While browsing online for such opportunities I chanced upon FHTS and got enrolled as a V-Inspire Intern. In my two months journey as a virtual intern, I worked on many different projects such as state wise lockdown policies, understanding different countries public health systems, writing blogs for public health related content, preparing presentations and much more.
Working with the team at FHTS has been a very inspiring and positive experience and I hope to gain more knowledge and be able to impart this in health promotion programs etc. The mentors have been really helpful, from solving doubts and queries to guiding me in the projects.