Vaishnave V. Radhakrishnan

2021-09-11T23:57:45+05:30September 3rd, 2021|


I am Vaishnave Radhakrishnan, a Biotechnology undergraduate student from the School of Bioengineering, SRM IST, Chennai. I am extremely passionate about the Environmental Health field in the Public Health sector. I plan on applying for my Master’s in a few months and before I started a full-fledged career in the field of Public Health, I wish to intern with the Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society and under their guidance, treat this as a kickstart to my career. I wish to gain an abundance of knowledge and experience that would help shape me into a better Public Health professional in the future by being able to look at situations from a different perspective and fulfill my dream of bringing a positive impact on society.

Highest Education: B. Tech, Biotechnology - SRM Institute of Science and Technology

Date of Joining: September 2, 2021