During my internship experience at FHTS, I wrote my first synopsis and learned how to develop and manage data, data collection and how to report on health statistics based on observation at isolated populations later leading to global health models. Finally I had an opportunity to create a report and also gave a presentation.

Highest Education: B.SC. - Saint Louis University

Date of Joining: December 25, 2013

Date Of Completion: January 8, 2014

  • Perceptions of Hypertensive Individuals to seek Lifestyle Counselling: A Brief Communication (United States)
Title of Publication Perception of receiving SMS based health messages among hypertensive individuals in urban slums
Journal Name Technology and health care: official journal of the European Society for Engineering and Medicine
Publication Year 2016
Volume 24(1) 57-65
Authors Mugdapalli V, Sharan S, Amadi C, Joshi A

FHTS has clear goals and well developed projects to guide any student. This is a great, loyal and well connected team that is dedicated to their work.