Sangeeta Sharma, The President

Sangeeta Sharma, The President

Message from the President

The Foundation of Healthcare Technologies is a National Society and is the first of its own kind that integrates multi-sectoral segments through use of innovative informatics platforms for an overall improvement of population health in underserved settings.

Economic situations in developing countries have resulted in increased disparities in terms of health, economic growth, and access to resources that are valuable to the overall growth of the populations. The foundation aims to establish a center of excellence in developing a skilled workforce in the area of informatics through human resource development, capacity building, innovative research, translation and dissemination of research findings into practice, and health systems strengthening.

The foundation will promote innovative ideas that can be practiced at the grassroots level so that solutions that are provided can be personalized, evidence based, research driven, context specific, and goal oriented and culturally adaptable to meet the needs of the diverse group of users.

The foundation will form collaborations and partnerships across boundaries to address the growing challenges for providing better living to the individuals, families and the environment they live. We aim to build a unique environment that will bring innovations across multiple sectors resulting in a healthier ecosystem.