Archa a recent graduate in population studies from International institute of Population sciences have joined FHTS as a “Population Health Science Researcher” with a vision to employ a digital infrastructure for understanding the problems of public health and chart out prospective solutions using tools of big data, information aggregation and visual analytic. She has four internship experiences in social and marketing sectors; among the four, she has two research experiences as a Student researcher under Innovation Cell, University of Delhi and Research Intern in Khusi Baby Inc., Rajasthan. As a Student Researcher, she has worked a research paper “Reinventing the Brand Positioning of Indian tourism in global market” under the supervision of three Delhi University professors. Moreover, as a Research Intern, she contributed in prototype testing, mobile app design, human centred design of wearables, end line immunization coverage survey of randomized controlled trail, sampling design, and field research and data collection. Population Health research is still to be explored globally. With a dream to understand the roots of research and to implement the educational understanding in practical world, “I am walking with FHTS to learn the real meaning of research”. Change is nothing but an outcome of implementation of our research.