The twin forces of my academic education in home science and a deep interest to understand the impact of dietary intervention in improving the population health has motivated me to pursue my career in public health. Way back from my secondary school days, I had a spark to understand the health issues surrounding communities and develop interconnected solutions in future, hence I learnt about therapeutic diet modification, health programs and policies through my college coursework but joining FHTS has given me a real insight about theoretical knowledge that I have learnt and shall be learning in my future. Through my post graduate diploma in dietetics and public health nutrition from Lady Irwin college, University of Delhi, I worked as an intern at a hospital in Delhi that has helped me to deepen my knowledge in diet supervision, therapeutic diet modification and nutritional counselling. I consider FHTS has allowed me to realise the importance of conducting well- formulated research on the connection among community health needs and disease prevention and also, the jest of which I had learnt through my previous volunteer ship at various NGO’s.