Response to COVID-19

COVID-19, a disease that has been a whirlpool of unknowns, causing tremendous loss to humanity has left no area unaffected. Foundation of Healthcare Technologies society have been diligently forging ahead with its active comrades to serve the domain of Public Health like never before during these difficult times.

Under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Ashish Joshi, the organization is standing by the world and marching towards minimizing the havoc caused due to COVID-19 in terms of providing data-driven information, trend analysis, several research projects, dashboard and human-centric approach towards behavior change to prevent the damage caused due to COVID-19 including socio-economic and psychosocial impacts of the pandemic.

The organization has always considered academics and learning programs as pivots for bringing change in the society. The pandemic and lockdowns have curbed the enthusiasm for providing experiential learning to students and career-based guidance to the aspirants who desire to kick start their careers in Public Health amidst this pandemic. The organization has been conducting virtual internship programs aimed towards experiential learning i.e. v-INSPIRE Public Health, webinars and virtual programs for innovation, career-guidance including CAMP, SMAART IMPACT Grant.

FHTS is determined to serve humankind in whatsoever way possible by coming up with innovative, empirical and sustainable methods for effectively managing COVID-19 pandemic and predictive modelling for any future pandemic of this kind.

Learning in the time of the COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 Projects

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