The objective of the study is to analyse the Digital health, data privacy and data governance platforms available across the world.

Objective: The study maps data on various government portals in relation to digital health policy and implementation strategies to analyze and evaluate the digital health policies, the current status, and explore the current state of digital health research and the policies that govern the adoption of digital health systems among the countries across the globe.
Duration: 1 year
Methods: In this cross-sectional study the data was collected from the government portals of various countries, and data was extracted from government portals that mention the frameworks for national digital health policy frameworks. Descriptive and content analysis was done to map the presence of digital health policies across different countries in the world.


Our study would provide evidence and a basis for the readiness of the health sector and governments to take a leading role in planning and using eHealth to deliver on health objectives.

FHTS, New Delhi